The Nguyen Johnson Dress Company is the fashion design of Duyen (Eva) Nguyen-Johnson. She makes all of her own clothing inspired by traditional Vietnamese Women's and Men's clothing as well as clothing inspired by both Eastern and Western cultures.

Nguyen-Johnson is also a visual artist. Her work synthesizes representation and abstraction in paintings and drawings where energy is made visible and characters—animal, human and plant—co-exist in spontaneous environments. Nguyen-Johnson's expressionistic style, the ease with which she works various materials, and her willingness to experiment with media, foster the creation of mysterious places, and otherworldly moods. The works on paper reflect her interests in beauty, folklore, and Vietnamese culture.


Duyen Nguyen-Johnson is a self-taught, visionary artist from Vung Tau Province in Vietnam. She has created over 500 works since she began making art and clothing in November 2016.  

The Nguyen Johnson Company is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA.

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